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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings, Lights, Tiles & Grids

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Using a metal grid system a void is created between the floor and ceiling. In the void items such as air conditioning, HVAC Systems, infrastructure, electrical lines and gas pipes can be hidden away, covered over by tiles and lighting units. 

Not only is this a very quick and efficient way of fitting out an office space, it is extremely practical and provides easy access for maintenance and repairs. 

In the film industry it is common to have a grid array used for lighting grips and other add-ons.

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Are You In Need of a Ceiling System?

EI Projects can provide high quality drop ceilings for commercial and residential uses.

Types Of Suspended Ceilings 

Exposed Grid

Most commonly seen in office fit-outs, an exposed grid conforms to a repeating and uniformed square pattern which shows the metal rails on which the ceiling tiles and lights sit on. 

Concealed Grid

Using the same grid system as an exposed grid, a concealed system uses acoustic tiles to cover the grid making for a seamless finish.


Unlike an exposed grid a bandraster system uses a non-uniform grid system where bespoke titles will be needed. Most commonly seen as over sized rectangles. 

Suspended Dry Wall

In buildings where it is not practical to skim the ceiling, suspended drywall systems are used. A metal grid using plasterboard profiles is used. The plaster board is then secured directly to the profiles and plastered over, creating a smooth ceiling. A technique often seen when converting commercial buildings to residential. 

Types Of Ceilings Tiles

Plasterboard Tile

Covered in a vinyl finish, plasterboard tiles are an ideal solution for hygiene sensitive areas including kitchens, changing rooms, hospitals and clean rooms. 

Insulated Tiles

Commonly made a product called stone wool, these tiles provide sound dampening, fire protection and thermal insulation. Recommended for board rooms, call centers and factories. 

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Strong, versatile and fire resistant. Metal tiles are recommended for supermarkets and retail outlets. 

Mineral Fibre Tiles

Made natural and recycled content, mineral uses clay, perlite, starch and fibre glass to create the tile. These tiles are great value for money, sound absorbing and humidity resistant. Recommended for car show rooms, schools and education facilities and cinemas. 

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