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Media Sector

Green screen, motion capture and sound studios

EI Projects – Media and Entertainment Specialists

This arena is where EI Projects particularly specialise and are able to deploy our technical knowledge, backed with a wealth of previously gained experience. The SAE Institute of Liverpool, Bournemouth University and ITV Meridian grace our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our in-house Architectural, Acoustic, and Build Teams will design, specify and construct to your individual requirement or to exacting industry standards.

Working with the Best

Our partners are the best for acoustic, noise and vibration consultation. With their wealth of knowledge on board, here at EI Projects we can ensure every environment we design and build is acoustically the best it can be to deliver exceptional results.

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Why Should I Use EI Projects for

My Next Commercial Fit Out?


EI Projects have had 10+ years’ experience helping businesses of all sizes bring their vision to life. During our time we have been fortunate enough to work with prestigious clientele including: Hertfordshire County Council, British Gas, ITV Meridien, EMS, SAE Institute and many more proud clients completing commercial fitouts in all sectors.

We have built a great reputation and rapport with the best local tradesman and specialists across the UK meaning there is nothing we cannot cater for.

We are an ISO9001 company who are CHAS and Firas Certified meaning you can be assured in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.


Media Sector Services – Everything you need to make a block buster!


Sound and Recording studios

Live and Control Rooms produced at the very top end of the quality spectrum with Db and sound attenuation test results invariably exceeding expectation and pre-determined levels of criteria specified by ourselves or third party consultants. Recording Studios/Music Labels & Production/Educational and Teaching Facilities.

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Sound Stage

Different to a sound studio, a sound stage is where all the action happens. Completely soundproof, a sound stage is designed so production companies can record clear and clean audio without interference from outside sources. In news outlets like ITV Meridien a sound stage is a vital tool to ensuring live broadcasts are recorded perfectly. For the movie production industry it also provides an environment where you can build scale models, environments and set pieces where light and sound can be controlled independently.

Chroma Key Green Screens

We have constructed some of the largest green screen suites in England, featuring sweeping radius curves and seamless floor/wall/ ceiling transitions. The provision of overhead gantries and specialist lighting are further options available. Having provided top end facilities to professional film studios, we offer the same high level of craftsmanship to industry standards for our institutional and educational projects. There is never any compromise on excellence, usability or function. In fact we pride ourselves on being the regional market leader providing the above services in this specialist field.

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Motion Capture Suite

Modern film is comprised of many CGI items. For the best results, a motion capture suite is used. Using tracking markers on an actor’s body, specialist’s camera can track the movement and render this in real time 3D. For motion capture suites it is vital that to have an environment which complements this technology to the fullest. Using our knowledge of building sound stages and green screens, EI Projects can provide your motion capture suite with everything it requires.

Infinity Cove

An Infinity cove sometimes known as an Infinity cyclorama is a photographic environment where lighting is key. Designed to have precision control, light can be bounced and reflected differently to a photographic studio. Comparable a chroma key green screen, an infinity cove features a sweeping radius curve along the base and sometimes the top depending on the requirement. Unlike a green screen, the environment is completely white. Along with the full construction of the cove, EI Projects can provide overhead gantries for lighting, custom lighting setups and power management.

Infinity Cove
Photoshoot Setup

Photography Studio

Professional photographic studios are mainstay for commercial photographers. Needing ample space, secure rigging, stable power, interchangeable back grounds, and custom lighting. At EI Projects we can facilitate the whole process of building your professional studio from start to finish.

Custom Continuous Light Source

It is quite often that lighting that you can buy from the shelf (even professional grade) does not always meet bespoke needs. For modelling, a continuous light is required for faster setup and high-speed film requires a very bright and intense lighting system.  At EI Projects we can design and build custom lighting rigs with professional, industry approved control systems that adjust your lighting to your exact requirements. We are also able to fabricate and install custom soft boxes.

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When Looking to Build a Professional Media Environment, What Do I Need to Consider?

Every client’s requirement are individual to their needs. Before starting any projects, we suggest you look at:


Will your stage require additional security in the forms of equipment lockers and cages, gated windows and doors and security cameras?


Film equipment such as gibs and cranes require a large amount of internal space and will require large access points to enter your filming environment.


Studio environments take up a lot of space. Equipment can be bigger than expected and environments like green screens can need external support which can result in reduced internal space.


Does the building deliver enough power as standard? Custom lighting and equipment can draw more power and require transformer upgrades and phase change power.


For live broadcasts it is imperative there is no interruption from the feed to the control room. Does your building have the right networking setup?

Sound Proofing

Does the current environment meet your acoustic needs, or will additional sound dampening be required? Will the building need designing to reduce environmental noise and vibration?

Fire and Safety

With any working environment health and safety is always the first consideration. We will ensure that the building is up to date with the latest building regulations and the safety of the building users is maintained once alterations have been made. Fire exits, alarms, emergency lighting and more are all items that need to be considered when changing the use of a building.

At EI Projects we can help with all your needs and requirements. Understanding your working environment prior will help with expectation management and what can be achieved.

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