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Project Management

Handling your project from start to finish

What is project management?

Here at EI Projects we have an experienced and knowledgeable management team to oversee your project from concept to completion, we will ensure your build stays on track and budget. It is very easy for a project to run away from you especially if you are running your own business. Handing over the reins to someone who understands the industry, has strong contacts within it, and clear idea of the end goal ensures you have a constant eye on your project.

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Time is one resource we cannot have more of. Deadlines need to be hit and goals need to be achieved. With a professional overseeing your project from start to finish, hitting a deadline is achievable, taking the stress and weight from your shoulders.


Using a project manager will cost more than doing it yourself, however the money we can save you on route will outweigh this cost ten folds. Having foresight to see where to save money, control spend and have accountability. We will value engineer your project to ensure you are getting the best value for money without sacrificing functionality.

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EI understand the trade better than most and having this provides us with the ability to see problems ahead of time and circumnavigate them. We can also supply you with our knowledge which might provide better solutions to your project.


Every member of EI Projects is dedicated to the pursuit of quality and excellence in providing EI Projects’ customers with the best service that can be accomplished. Our aim is to deliver the perfect service throughout the entire design and build process resulting in a flawless finished product for the client, their stake holders, staff, students, and visitors alike. We make sure that all our employees, contractors and suppliers have ‘bought in’ to the very same beliefs that are imprinted in EI Projects company ethos. Snagging lists are a common affair on building sites. We can generate and fix any snags instantly with our online snagging software that can be sent to the relevant parties straight away, rectifying issues ASAP leaving you 100% satisfied with your final project.

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Are You In Need of a Project Manager?

EI Projects are the leading project managers in Dorset & Hampshire

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We will focus on the resourcing and appointment of quality local trades and specialist contractors required delivering the works to a quality standard that is expected from both the client and EI Projects. Local suppliers (wherever possible) would be contacted in readiness and relevant stock levels checked. The client will be informed of any early warning notifications of lead-times and other factors that may affect the project. 

Health & Safety

Prior to commencement, CDM documentation will be prepared including Health and Safety Construction Phase Plan, F10 HSE notification, Practices & Procedures and following further site orientation, Site Fire and evacuation documentation. Our team will aim to build strong bonds with the client, stake holders and the client’s team. The project manager will oversee the day to day H&S of the project, conducting digital site inductions, briefings, talks and reports.

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Abstract Structure

S.M.A.R.T Goals


  • Realistic goals

  • Timeframe goals

  • Specific goals, who, what, where why?

  • Measurable goals to calculate success.

  • Attainable goals that can be achieved

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Human Resources

With an in-house team of people and a wide range of trades and professionals at our finger tips, you will be hard struck to find anyone who can generate human resources like EI Projects can.

Risk Management

Have you considered everything that can go wrong in your project? Before undertaking any work, we will work with you to outline all the risks and reduce them now, ahead of time. Saving you cost and hold ups along the way.

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With stake holders involved in a project it is crucial to properly convey every step which is being undertaken. EI Projects can speak to all party involved, keeping everyone in the loop, up to date and informed. The use of Project, Progress and Health & Safety reports throughout the duration of the project will ensure that the client has all the information they need.

Project Planning

A successful roadmap will keep your project on track and has defined goals and expectations. We will develop the programme throughout the project to ensure that it is kept up to date with any variations being added along the way.

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Project Execution

At this stage EI Projects will begin to start work on your project. Tasks completed during this stage include, but not limited to:


  • Developing the teams need for the project

  • Build and assign resources

  • Execute project plans

  • Procurement

  • Health & Safety

  • Set up tracking systems

  • Status meetings

  • Modify project plans


Project Performance

Understanding if a project is meeting its expectation, it is essential that KPI’s are monitored. On most projects it breaks down to 4 main indicators:


Project Objectives

Objectives can be used as a tick box exercise for progress and a useful indicator of how a project is progressing.


Quality Deliverables

This can be used to determine if the project objectives are being met to a set standard.


Effort and Cost

The management team at EI Projects will track the progress of your project and cost.


Project Performance

EI Projects will track how well the project is going and how quickly issues are resolved. This will help with managing scope.

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EI Projects Enterprise House-85.jpg
EI Projects Enterprise House-85.jpg

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