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Green Screens

Green screen, motion capture and sound studios

Green Screen services

We have constructed some of the largest green screen and motion capture suites in England, featuring sweeping radius curves and seamless floor/wall/ ceiling transitions. The provision of overhead gantries and specialist lighting are further options available. Having provided top end facilities to professional film studios, we offer the same high level of craftsmanship to industry standards for our institutional and educational projects. There is never any compromise on excellence, usability or function, in fact we pride ourselves on being the regional market leader providing the above services in this specialist field.

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Are You In Need of a Green Screen?

EI Projects can provide production level green screens to fit all spaces.


What Goes Into Building  a Green Screen? 

To ensure the best results, production quality green screens require:

  • A chroma key green or blue cove to ensure even light coverage

  • Acoustically controlled to prevent reverberation through sound recorders

  • Suspended gantry for studio lights and grips

  • Cooling to reduce hot spots occurring which can effect the actors, props and equipment. 

Our Latest Work

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