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Rickmansworth Park JMI School

The Brief

We were honoured to undertake an extensive refurbishment at Rickmansworth Park JMI School, a project we secured after tendering in December 2022 and being awarded the contract in February 2023 as part of our HCC Lot 5 Framework agreement. This undertaking extended into March 2024, encompassing a transformation that resonated with our core values, particularly with our commitment to advancing building performance and sustainability.

Renovating a fully functioning Primary School posed a distinctive challenge, demanding meticulous planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations. Our objective was clear: to elevate the educational experience for students and staff while seamlessly integrating our renovation efforts.

Scope of Works

We undertook this project that was aimed at enhancing the performance and sustainability of the school. The scope of our work encompassed various mechanical, electrical, glazing, cladding, and general refurbishment tasks.


  • Stripping out and removal of redundant services

  • Extending the incoming cold water service

  • Installation of new LTHW heating pressurisation plant

  • Provision of new domestic hot water cylinder and secondary circulating pump

  • LTHW distribution pipework and associated fittings

  • Installation of new fan convectors and radiators

  • Provision of new sanitary ware, taps, and fittings

  • Environmental controls and associated electrical works

  • Thermal insulation and testing and commissioning


  • Stripping out and removal of redundant services

  • Installation of new lighting systems

  • Modification and rewiring of the fire alarm installation

  • Rewiring of small power and security installations

  • Installation of new ceilings and fire stopping


  • Removal and replacement of all external glazing

  • Installation of new windows and curtain walling systems

  • Replacement of external doors

  • Removal and replacement of existing fascia's and boards


  • Removal and replacement of existing cladding

  • Installation of new Swisspearl cladding system

  • New interfacing details with existing roofing

  • Installation of new frame and support system


  • Structural Framework: Erecting the structural steel frame

  • Walls and Roofing: Building exterior walls, roofing, and weatherproofing

  • Windows and Doors: Installing windows, doors, and other external openings

  • Insulation: Adding thermal and acoustic insulation to walls, floors, and roofing

  • Internal Walls: Constructing internal partitions and non-load-bearing walls

  • Electrical Work: Installing power, lighting, access control and other electrical systems

  • Plumbing and Heating: Laying pipes, installing boilers, radiators, and other plumbing systems

  • Plastering: Applying plaster to walls and ceilings for a smooth finish

  • Flooring: Laying floor finishes

  • Painting and Decorating: Applying paint, wallpaper, and other finishes to walls and ceilings

  • Carpentry: Installing skirting boards, architraves, doors, and other woodwork

  • Fixtures and Fittings: Fitting kitchen units, bathroom fixtures, and other built-in elements

  • Glazing: Installing new external windows, doors, and screens


  • Asbestos removal

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Acoustic Baffles between teaching spaces

  • Flooring Remedials

  • SFS – Steel Framing System

  • Drylining - Internal Wall Linings

  • Decorations

  • Carpentry – skirtings, kitchenette, etc.

  • Safe access equipment installation

  • Builders work and making good to internal walls

  • Relocation of existing rainwater goods as necessary

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Record documentation

  • Demonstration of installed systems to building users

This comprehensive project reflects our commitment to improving building performance and sustainability while ensuring minimal disruption to the building occupants.


“ The communication throughout was excellent. The contractors on site were professional and a pleasure to work with. The managers were approachable

and listened to what we really wanted. The team went above and beyond in all areas and we would highly recommend them.”

Jane Lynch (Head Teacher)

Rickmansworth Park JMI School

Key Achievements

Health & Safety: We meticulously planned our site setup, leveraging our pre-construction period to strategize site logistics and anticipate potential risks. Our site compound was strategically situated within a designated area of the school carpark, offering a centralised location while minimizing disruption to school operations. To streamline deliveries and minimize site traffic within the school premises, we established a dedicated delivery entrance at the rear of the school directly into our compound. The perimeter of our site was secured with robust heras fencing and clear signage, ensuring the safety and security of both our team and the school community.

Monthly health and safety audits set the precedent onsite to ensure Ei Projects' expectations were met across the board, including subcontractors and suppliers. Our third-party consultants provided us with insights into our performance, taking the positives while also giving us the opportunity to act upon any constructive criticism.

Phased Programming & Out Of Hours Working: At Rickmansworth Park JMI School, Ei Projects strategically implemented phased programming and out-of-hours working to minimise disruptions during the school's operational hours. By carefully planning and executing construction tasks in distinct, well-organized phases, Ei Projects ensured that each segment of the refurbishment was completed efficiently and logically, minimising downtime and overlap.

To further reduce the impact on the school's daily activities, critical and potentially disruptive construction activities were scheduled during off-hours, nights, weekends, and school holidays. Due to the extensive renovation carried out, the majority of the works took place after school hours. This scheduling not only expedited the project timeline but also significantly decreased the interference with academic routines and school operations while maintaining the safest environment for all parties to operate within.

Site Set Up & Operation: In alignment with CDM regulations, our standard site setup includes comprehensive Welfare and PPE Requirements, clearly defined Site Rules, and thorough Site Inductions, all documented within the site's Health & Safety file. We utilize strategically integrated Sine Pro software into our construction site operations to streamline Attendance, Inductions, and Site Communications, thereby enhancing efficiency, security, and overall safety on site.



Our Approach To Health & Safety At The School:


  • Identify and mitigate project-specific risks.

  • Ensure all Risk and Method Statements are in place and have been read, understood, signed, and dated.

  • Allow for correct levels of supervision, information, and training.

  • Allow for separate site access and egress routes.

  • Allow for complete separation of the site demise including materials compound.

  • Deliveries would be booked in advance with the on-site Traffic Manager (using a just-in-time basis).

  • Deliveries and vehicle movements would be restricted during pupil movement hours (providing an average window of 10-2.30 pm) and permitted only where necessary.

  • Larger plant movements (e.g. potential concrete lorry to supply a static pump for slab infills to stage pit or the excavations required for diverted mains services) would be scheduled for out-of-hours and weekend works.

  • Clear access information provided to hauliers and suppliers to communicate delivery restrictions, including the traffic management plan and site unloading capabilities.


  • Ensure those about to carry out the task are competent, experienced, and have the correct training.

  • Protective measures are in place and tasks are being carried out as per the relevant Method and Risk Statements.

  • Use of correct and tested tools, plant, and access equipment.

  • Promote client and sub-contractor cooperation.

  • Vehicle and deliveries always permitted only via a banked Vehicle marshal/banksman.


  • Daily quality checks by Site Manager or Supervisor.

  • Regular independent health and safety site audits – minimum fortnightly.

  • Immediate termination of any procedure deemed unsafe.

  • Active and reactive monitoring.

  • Ensure the construction phase plan is adhered to and followed.

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